Join a dynamic & exciting team working to address the challenges of vulnerable people in our community.

Imagine Her is a widely respected anchor organization in Seguku - Katale, Wakiso, with initiatives that make

the lives of thousands of vulnerable women, girls and youth better each month.


We currently have the following position(s) available:

31st March 2023
Seguku - Katale, Wakiso District
Position: Driver
Duration: Contract Renewable

About Imagine Her

We are a local non-profit working with communities to accelerate the power and potential of women, girls, and youth as active leaders and social entrepreneurs creating sustainable solutions within their communities.
Our purpose is to accessibly provide young vulnerable women and youth with robust innovation skills and essential resources to create sustainable social ventures and social impact in Uganda and we envision a world where Ugandan women, girls, and youth are actively harnessing their potential, by initiating and advancing innovative and sustainable solutions to pressing needs in their communities.
We work through community partnerships to target women and youth who are significantly marginalized and vulnerable due to poverty, the growing education-to-employment gap, geography, and the social constructs of gender. We implement a human-centered impact model that equips these community members with the skills they need to respond to their most critical challenges. The guiding principle of our model is that those we work with decide what they want to do, and choose the support and resources that they need to do it.
We achieve this through our three programs that accelerate the power and potential of women, girls, and youth in Uganda as described below;

Social Enterprise & Innovation Incubator: We invest in young women and youth as builders of transformative solutions to the most pressing problems of today and tomorrow (Climate Change, Food Security, Housing & Education). We do this through the provision of practical tools and training. Our model is designed as a 3-month accelerated MBA-style training program that empowers women and youth to develop an idea, build a model, and test it using design thinking methodology and principles of adaptive leadership. After this, participants receive mentoring and start-up financial support, to support them to build their own business or social venture.

Becoming: Becoming is an all-year-round program that creates opportunities for young girls to develop their potential in leadership and realization of their sexual and reproductive rights at a tender age. The program goes beyond developing the leadership skills of young girls through community service projects and adaptive leadership, by improving access to sexual and reproductive health information and services. It also supports young girls’ academic and learning needs through experiential and digital learning opportunities delivered through a design thinking curriculum and mentorship.

Career Pathways: We invest in transforming university education and experience in Uganda by equipping students with the skills and experience needed to succeed in the job market or start their own social ventures. We achieve this through a combination of Design Thinking methodology and adaptive leadership and tailored experiential learning opportunities through placements of university students in companies, organizations, and communities of practice and expert mentorship.

Position Overview
The Driver will be responsible for driving the organizations vehicle (Drone) during field activities across the country.

Position Objectives:
Drive Staff
● Transport Imagine Her staff, visitors, documents, and goods/materials to designated destinations when officially approved
● Transporting only authorized staff and personnel

Vehicle maintenance and safety
● Maintain the vehicle in proper operating condition at all times, including keeping the vehicle clean, ensuring enough fuel, checking the technical state, etc.
● Ensure the safety and security of the passengers, the goods, and the vehicle
● In liaison with the line manager, arrange for repairs and servicing
● Ensure that the vehicle is parked appropriately in a safe and secure location and only drive it during working hours unless its on emergency
● Ensure the assigned vehicle has all the necessary documents and equipment

Road Safety
● Respect and abide by the national traffic regulations and the logistical/vehicle policies at all times
● Maintain the logbook for all trips
● Immediately report minor, major accidents and breakdowns and write an incident report
● Upholding the image of the organization by exhibiting acceptable behaviour and safe driving practices

● Work overtime when required
● Run other errands as assigned by the supervisor and management

Skills, Qualifications, and Experience
● Proven experience as a Driver
● Possession of a valid driving permit preferably class DL-Taxis with up to 14 passengers
● Defensive driving skills
● Minimum O’Levels qualification
● Ability to communicate well with all staff and other associated personnel
● Good written and verbal communication skills
● Experience more than 3 years of driving experience, especially working with reputable NGOs, companies, or other institutions
● Familiarity with GPS devices

Attributes A positive attitude and strong interpersonal skills
● Respectful and a good listener
● Strong organizational and time management skills
● Ability to remain calm in stressful driving situations eg traffic jams in the city during rush hours
● Willingness to be out of home for sometimes 3 weeks or more since the work involves travels and field work that stretches for days, weeks, or a month

Personal Qualities

Imagine Her is a small nonprofit organization working with communities to accelerate the power and potential of women, girls, and youth as active leaders and social entrepreneurs creating sustainable solutions within their communities.

We are looking for someone who can get their sleeves rolled up and their hands dirty. Someone who is kept up at night trying to find answers to the world's most intractable problems and willing to make some errors along the way. We need an individual willing to share what they know and learn as they go - not afraid to take a step back and think about a problem. We’re looking for an expert with drive and heart. And we need someone who can do all those things, in some of the hardest places, and still have a lot of fun.

Reports: Administrative Associate
Contract: 1-Year Renewable
To Apply: Please submit your CV and Cover Letter as A SINGLE FILE to
Application Due: 31st March 2023