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Katrin Macmillan

Founder & CEO Project Hello World

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Katrin is the Founder of Hello World; digital education where it’s needed most; built by the community, for the community. She spent ten years in New York working in the theatre and then in human rights, four in Nigeria and one in Ethiopia working for a TV station and in international development, before returning to London, where she is now based and working on projects in Nepal and Uganda. Katrin is an award-winning theatre producer and has produced human rights advocacy events and programs in London, South Africa, Nigeria, DRC, and Australia. In New York she was a Producer for The Culture Project theatre where she launched a city-wide political arts festival and coordinated advocacy events for the UN (OCHA), NY University Center for Global Affairs, NY Public Library, Speak Truth To Power, and the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial. She is the Founder of Projects For All, a UK charity. She has addressed international academic forums on human rights and humanitarian aid and has written for The Huffington Post, Time Out New York, and The Times. Katrin has worked as a development consultant for the World Bank, the International Centre for Energy Environment and Development, and USAid, and has assisted Management Sciences for Health with their HIV/AIDS program. She co-founded Bwari Soap Co., a Nigerian collective aimed at generating jobs using sustainable resources, and, in collaboration with the ICRC, initiated the emergency relief for Jos. Katrin has worked with Panzi Hospital in Eastern DRC as a volunteer.