Social Venture-Business Accelerator

Our Business Accelerator works to support already running social ventures that are struggling to meet the needs of their service/product users and fulfill their value propositions. We have observed beyond COVID, so many social impact start-ups are struggling to keep their doors open. Our solution If we could identify and nurture these social entrepreneurs, not only would we create a pool of change agents but build on viable support systems for young social entrepreneurs, ensure that products and services produced are matching the needs of the individuals in the community. We believe that supporting visionary leaders builds strong and stable social enterprises creates a more cohesive ecosystem for young social entrepreneurs to be successful.

How we do it

Tailored Sessions:
4 weeks of in-class sessions using design thinking to support the entrepreneurs understand iterate and design solutions tailored to the needs they are serving.

Coaching & Mentorship:
Individualized coaching and mentoring to address social enterprises and leadership needs


Financing: Seed-funding in for of low-interest loans