COVID-19 Food assistance initiative

Food programs help marginalized urban dwellers cope with the pandemic

In Uganda, COVID-19 continues to take thousands of lives and concurrently threatens millions of livelihoods. Following the second lockdown that started on June 16, with millions unvaccinated and lacking social security protection, most families were more vulnerable. For marginalized, at-risk individuals who live in the city, everyday chores like buying food presents a challenge. 

In light of this, Imagine Her staff distributed food – staples such as maize flour, rice, cooking oil, and soap to 70 beneficiaries to help them get through this period. 

Feedback from our beneficiaries was overwhelmingly positive.

“We were not working anymore because of the lockdown. The food we received helped us significantly, I was able to save on buying food for me and my family. Thank you so much.” said Nalugo Sarah, Imagine Her alumnae from Kazo.

 “Our cash-flow had declined, so we were having challenges buying good food. We gave some of the food to our neighbors who were in a worse situation than us. Thank you so much to everyone who supported this” said Ssempiira Daniel, current scholar in the Agribusiness cohort. 

We are especially grateful to a special group of donors who financially supported this initiative. Thank you, Pilot Light Foundation. We also thank our staff who graciously travelled to reach beneficiaries. Well done Faith Atuhaire for taking the lead on this project. 

Some of the Covid-19 Relief
Women being Served Covid-19 Relief food