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Our Monitoring & Evaluation System

Monitoring & Evaluation

Our Monitoring and Evaluation approach explores two core functions:

The first being the continuous periodic assessment of program implementation and performance of activities (Social Enterprise and innovation incubator & Becoming), and secondly, evaluation of their results in terms of relevance, effectiveness, and impact in promoting our community model of allowing community members to identify problems, design their own solutions and utilize locally available resources, all with our guidance and respect for them as the leaders and experts in creating change. We believe in the notion of ensuring that the M&E system of the project provides appropriate answers on the progress and impact made by the social enterprise and innovation incubator project, the becoming project, and the safe mum project in achieving the organization’s goals and objectives.

M&E Tracking System

We track our progress through KPILens project management system. KPILens as a monitoring and evaluation tool and platform primarily enables us to automate the reporting process through online dashboards that track our project key performance Indicators across the Log Frame in near real-time enabling us to spend more of the time in communities achieving impact. The system ensures that the data is collected in a simple and efficient manner, it also incorporates team collaboration of both staff and key stakeholders to ensure clear communication of inputs and ideas. The system is also key in assessing how each of the indicators are performing and puts perspective into activities that generate the most impact.

We also adopt the project planning matrix framework which is loosely based on the “Logical Framework Approach” (LFA) to undertake monitoring and tracking of its programs and use the results later on to inform decision making. It involves four stages which include Identification, planning, implementation & monitoring, and Evaluation. This cultivates the component of participation and ensures that everyone including partners understand the project. This is because as an organization we believe active participation of communities in most of these project actives fuels empowerment which is a very instrumental ideal in creating the right change across communities

Evaluation Strategy

We adopt the Before and After kind of Evaluation. This study measures interventions in two forms. The first point is before the initiation of the intervention. The second time point is after the intervention has begun. The goal of the design is to examine if the situation has changed over time which in theory would be due to the intervention

For Imagine Her the first measure (“before”) and the second measure (“after”) are taken based on our program implementation mode. Based on our model as an organization our After-evaluation studies are usually conducted 6 months after implementation and a continuous assessment of every quarter after an intervention.