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Our work contributes to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals, 1, 3,5 & 8 and We are really proud of the kind of change we are creating. In 2018...

We have trained 30 Young women Social Entrepreneurs & Innovators
- 70% of whom are Refugees
Through our Social Entrepreneurship
- Program with a 98% Graduation Rate

- 500+ Individuals
Directly impacted through the Social Ventures established by our Social Entrepreneurs.

- 2,545 Girls, Boys and Community Leaders
Empowered with Reproductive and Menstrual information
And Skills on how to make their own Reusable Sanitary Pads
Through our Project rePAD.

- 41 Empowered
Through our Vocational and Hand on Skills;
Tailoring & Handcrafts Trainings

- 2 Villages Impacted
Through our Safe Mum Pilot

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29 August 2018

A moment with Our August Personality
Rachael Miller

We believe that the power to influence change among women is magnified by women looking up to and trusting their fellow women... Read More

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23 February 2018

Youth Led Project Rally Rural Communities For Menstrual Health

Adolescent Girls and Boys learning to hand make reusable sanitary towels.

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The Meaning Behind Our Logo

The woman in our logo is symbolically finding her purpose and jumping into the community to persue her goals and to give back.