We are really proud of the kind of change we are creating.


Our Core Belief

Imagine a society in which all girls and women are economically independent and empowered to achieve their full potential and enjoy their human rights. Imagine the progress that would be made in all aspects of human development. To break the vicious cycle that exists today, sustainable, community human-centered solutions must be adopted and implemented in collaboration with girls, women, and their families.

Our Promise

To achieve the above, as an organization our work is centered on a linear model designed to change the dependence paradigms and create sustainable shifts in economic wellbeing and reproductive and maternal health arenas of women and girls lives.

Our Mission

To leverage the power and potential of girls and youth to create sustainable communities.

Our Vision

Developing an empowered female generation in Uganda who will transform their families and communities and drive sustainable development.

What We Do

Our Team

Our team strives to help women reach their unlimited potential every day.

Our Board

The passion and commitment to that mission lives through everything we do.

Our Advisory Board


Our growth as an organization and impact wise has been accelerated by the generous and continued support of our partners. Imagine Her is proud to have a partnership with.

Our core values


Community is the center of our work: our solutions are community driven and owned. Community members identify problems, design their own solutions, and utilize locally available resources, all with our guidance and respect for them as the leaders and experts in creating change.

Gender Equity

We stand for justice and fairness in all aspects of life.

Participation & Empowerment

Our approach is human-centered and fueled by the active participation and empowerment of communities and beneficiaries.


Our approach to education is holistic, experiential, and practical, and rooted in the principles of human development.


Our work is centered around creating solutions that are life-lasting and designed to function without dependence on aid.