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Imagine a world where all women enjoy all their human rights.

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Imagine a world where all girls and women are and have the potential to enjoy their human rights fully with this, sustainable development would be a long term and direct impact. However, to this day of modernity, women and girls' human rights have been infringed in enormous ways from denied access to quality education, forced to early marriages at tender ages, exposed to inhuman cultural practices that do not only expose them to infections but also to psycho social torture. In addition to this vital entitlement and rights to information and services pertaining to reproductive health and other human rights, are liability to majority of girls and women both in Uganda and the rest of the world. Factors such as poverty, discrimination and gender disparities catalyze all the above conditions making women and girls helpless in a number of ways and to sit on their potentials and abilities to change this. This is we stand strongly to change as Imagine Her.

Our Work

Education & STEAM

Imagine a society with all it’s girls and women educated. Today two-thirds of the world’s uneducated are girls and women. We are adopting sustainable community based solutions in collaboration with the girls and women themselves and their families. Our STEAM progams focus on supporting young female leaders in Science Technology Engineering, Arts and Maths through a camp based approach. We teach and train girls and women to identify problems in their communities and apply technology to solving these problems. Our focus is girls in the primary and secondary school levels and those from rural settings who have no access to technology.

Economic Empowerment

Economic hardship for girls and women means economic imbalance, exclusion, gender inequality and high levels of exploitation. To create economic independence, we empower girls and women to fight pressing social problems with market oriented approaches, providing access to top level training and mentoring through a human focused context. In order to create lasting economic empowerment model for the girls and women, a human centered curriculum is applied to every single woman and girl initiative.

Vocational Education

Uganda has a very high youth unemployement rate, with the female population taking on the highest percentage. The effects of unemployment are increased vulnerability and exploitation. We are changing this trend by creating a value and skills based education, solving real life problems of girls and women.

Reproductive and Sexual Health

Uganda is as one of the countries performing poorly in the efforts to reducing maternal and infant mortality, on an average day a total of 16 mothers die due to preventable causes. Access to information, men’s involvement and access to right medical care are the immediate solutions to this phenomenon. We are developing community based solutions for pre and postnatal care, nutrition and breastfeeding which are simple and scalable. For infants our focus is ensuring that babies receive the best medical care after birth up to the twelfth month through an infant packaged medical insurance cover. Through our re-Pad project, we are working in collaboration with the communities to address sexual and reporductive health related problems such as menstruation among girls.

Our Team

Fiona Komugisha Esther

Nathan Okiror

Otai James

Our Current Projects

re-Pad - recycled, washable sanitary pad

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